Wednesday Recital Series Procedure

 Performers: please read carefully! 

RECITAL LENGTH  - Your program should be timed for 50 minutes maximum.   For the occasional program containing a large work, we will consider going over the time limit, by a few minutes.  Please contact Kathleen Roland-Silverstein (singers) or Rich Schaffer (instrumentalists) to discuss this before you commit yourself to a particular program.

PRINTED PROGRAMS  - CMM prints your programs on folded 8½ x 11 paper with a title page containing the CMM logo, an inside left page containing artist bio(s), an inside right page listing recital content, and a back page containing a calendar of upcoming events, and an application blank for audience members who wish to join CMM's Community of Support.   We will prepare and print the entire program, using information that you provide to us.
You should send your repertoire and bio(s) via email no less than one month (four weeks) before your date to Kathleen Roland-Silverstein (singers) or Rich Schaffer (instrumentalists).  
The information must be sent via email, no snailmail, please!

- Bios:  Do not format.  Please keep them brief, so that they fit on one page of the folded program: 400 words total.
- Repertoire: Do not format.  Please list in order of performance, including Köchel, opus, BWV, D numbers, etc. where appropriate, composer names with birth/death dates, titles, movements, and tempo markings.  Please do your own proofreading!

CMM will include translations of vocal lyrics in the programs we print (up to one double sided 8½ x 11 folded sheet).  Beyond this, we will gladly insert extra materials that you supply and photocopy. 100 copies is suitable.  Contact Bob Oddy to discuss this.

REHEARSALS - Should you desire a rehearsal in the auditorium, date(s) and time(s) should be requested two weeks ahead of time and during the hours the gallery is open.

Sunday 12-5 PM, Wednesday 2-5 PM, Thursday 12-8 PM, Friday 12-5 PM, Saturday 10-5

Request should be made by email to the Everson Museum Events Planner, Margaret Smyth, indicating the area for use (Hosmer Auditorium), piano or pianos (if used) and including the names of all who may be attending the rehearsal.  If you are involved in a group, only one person should be involved in requesting rehearsal time.  A response can be expected in 2 business days.  If you do not get it, follow up can be done by phone, (315)474-6064 x337.  After attempting to connect for several days without success, email Rick Cowles (the WRS Progam Committee chair)

Please follow this procedure conscientiously.  It has been negotiated with the staff of the Everson Museum.

PUBLICITY - CMM handles basic publicity, such as SU Culturaline, Post-Standard calendar, and our own website, facebook and bulk email list.  Years of experience show that the largest audiences are generated by personal contact; mailings, and group emails done by the performers.  If you would like to do a bulk mailing of 200 or more pieces, you may use CMM's bulk mail privileges to reduce your cost to approximately 12.5 cents per piece.  Call Gayle Ross at (315) 699-5856 for information and instructions.  You may arrange for an interview on WCNY/FM in anticipation of your concert.  Contact Diane Jones at the station to set up an interview time and date.

LOGISTICS - Dressing rooms and green room are located stage right. There is a toilet and sink, but no drinkable water.  CMM owns a Steinway D and a Steinway B, and both pianos are always in prime condition.  CMM tunes the pianos.  The D is the default piano; should you wish to use the B, let Kathleen Roland-Silverstein or Rich Schaffer know at least three weeks in advance so that they can notify our technician to prepare it for you. There is a microphone and podium, but standard procedure is to have it turned off due to acoustical issues with recording.  There is a music stand and a few chairs available, although the music stand has been known to disappear from time to time.  It is probably wise to bring your own stand.  CMM does not have the personnel to assist with load-ins, although there is a loading dock on the premises.  Using the Hosmer acoustic panels  -  There are two rolling panels available for your use that are usually stored in the stage-left wing of the auditorium, and enhance the sound of certain ensembles.  They are designed to be set up against the back wall of the stage in a V form with the apex of the V pointing out toward the piano/audience, and the open aspect of the V against the stage wall.  This placement deflects sound reflection coming off the back wall into the sides of the auditorium, and has been known to facilitate ensemble communication.   Some ensembles have also found a decorative rug under the piano useful in reducing reflected sound from the floor.

PERSONNEL - Your recital date on the Wednesday Recital Series will have been granted to the personnel listed on your application.  Those are the names we publicize in all news media.  Changes in, or additions to principal performers on the program are strongly discouraged.  Please have all personnel in place NOW, lest publicity efforts be made in vain!  If you have to change or add performers please e-mail Kathleen Roland-Silverstein or Rich Schaffer well in advance of your program.

RECORDING – Whenever possible, a high quality recording of your recital will be made.  We will make your recording available for download to your computer or, if that is not convenient, you may request a CD.  These files are not compressed, and will take several minutes to download, depending on your internet connection.  We are able to assist you, should you encounter problems in your download.  CMM will offer some of these recordings to WCNY/FM for broadcast, always with the explicit permission of the artists.

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