Wednesday Recital Series Procedure

 Performers: please read carefully! 

Grace Episcopal Church
819 Madison St.
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 478-0901

Rector: The Rev. Johanna Marcure
Tel: (978) 407-5341

Office Administrator: Judy Albert
Tel: (315) 478-0901
Office hours: Tuesday 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Wednesday & Thursday, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Park Central Presbyterian Church
504 E Fayette St.
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 475-1677

Pastor: The Rev. J. Andrew McTyre
Tel: (315) 475-1677

Office Manager: Stacey Burns
Tel: (315) 475-1677
Office hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

RECITAL TIME: 12:15 – 1:00 pm
RECITAL LENGTH: Please time your programs for 45-50 minutes.
For the occasional program containing a large work, we will consider going over the time limit, by a few minutes. Please contact Carole Brzozowski (vocalists) or Rich Schaffer (instrumentalists) to discuss your choice of program.

CMM prints your programs on folded 8½ x 14 paper width

  • a title page containing the CMM logo, an inside left page containing artist bio(s),
  • an inside right page listing recital content,
  • and a back page containing a calendar of upcoming events.

We will prepare and print the entire program, using information that you provide to us.

Please send your completed repertoire, photos and bio(s) via email no less than one month (four weeks) before your recital date to Carole Brzozowski (vocalists) or Rich Schaffer (instrumentalists).  The information must be sent via email, please!
  • Bios: Do not format. Please keep them brief, so that they fit on one page of the folded program: 400 words total. The number of bios to be included must be divided into 400. For instance, if there are 4 performers, the individual bios should average 100 words.
  • Repertoire: Do not format. Please list in order of performance, including Köchel, opus, BWV, D numbers, etc. where appropriate, composer names with birth/death dates, titles, movements, and tempo markings. Please do your own proofreading!
  • CMM will include translations of vocal lyrics in the programs we print (up to one double sided 8½ x 14 folded sheet). Beyond this, we will gladly insert extra materials that you supply and photocopy. 100 copies are suitable. Contact Carole Brzozowski or Rich Schaffer to discuss this.

For recitals at Grace Episcopal Church, CMM will clear dates and times for rehearsal or tuning with the office administrator. Please contact Carole Brzozowski (vocalists) or Rich Schaffer (instrumentalists) at least two weeks in advance of the rehearsal dates and times you will be requesting.

For recitals at Park Central Presbyterian Church, please fill out a form for building usage as found on the church website: The completion of these forms will assure whoever is using a space that the space is theirs!
  • Please fill out this form at least two weeks in advance of your recital date.
  • Access during regular weekday hours (8:30 - 3 p.m.) is simple. Ring the doorbell. Other times can be arranged, keys and security codes can be shared.
  • If you have any difficulty using this system, please contact Rich Schaffer for assistance.

CMM handles basic publicity, such as SU Culturaline, Post-Standard calendar, and our own website, Facebook and bulk email list.

Years of experience show that the largest audiences are generated by personal contact; mailings, and group emails done by the performers.

  • If you would like to do a bulk mailing of 200 or more pieces, you may use CMM's bulk mail privileges to reduce your cost to approximately 12.5 cents per piece.
  • Call Lana Stafford for information and instructions.
  • You may arrange for an interview on WCNY/FM in anticipation of your concert. Contact Diane Jones at the station (315-453-2424) to set up an interview time and date.

Dressing rooms and green room are located stage right.
Restrooms are readily available near the dressing and green rooms.
There is a microphone and a podium, but standard procedure is to have it turned off due to acoustical issues with recording.
There are two music stands and a few chairs available. It is probably wise to bring your own stand.
CMM does not have the personnel to assist with load-ins, although there is a wheelchair ramp at each venue.

Your recital date on the Wednesday Recital Series will have been granted to the personnel listed on your application.  Those are the names we publicize in all news media.
Changes in, or additions to principal performers on the program are strongly discouraged.
Please have all personnel in place NOW, lest publicity efforts be made in vain!
If you have to change or add performers please e-mail Carole Brzozowski (vocalists) or Rich Schaffer (instrumentalists) well in advance of your program.

Whenever possible, a high-quality recording of your recital will be made.
We will make your recording available for download to your computer or, if that is not convenient, you may request a CD.
These files are not compressed, and will take several minutes to download, depending on your internet connection.
We are able to assist you, should you encounter problems in your download.
CMM will offer some of these recordings to WCNY/FM for broadcast, always with the explicit permission of the artists.

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