Junior Pro Art 2016-17


What is it?

JPA1Now beginning its 55th year, Junior Pro Art serves interested area youth, generally in the 7th through 12th grades, by providing a safe, process-oriented environment in which young musicians explore, gain insight about, and expand their personal artistic developmental processes. A paid professional accompanist, Rob Padilla, is available for part of every meeting. Student members may be area competition prizewinners and/or finalists or students who have never participated in a competition but are interested in improving their performance process. The program is open to anyone who is interested – student or adult. (Adults may participate as observers and are welcome to engage in the student-led dialogue.)



Vision and Leadership

Student leaders collaborate with a cadre of interested adults (parents and designated facilitators) to create a calendar of monthly meetings.  Each meeting explores a specific topic of discussion.  Half of each meeting is devoted to student performances and the 4-step feedback process described below.


Student leaders “lead” the meetings, welcome newcomers, and facilitate the 4-step critical feedback process when appropriate.


2016-17 Meeting Topics


  • Taking the Stage – learning stage etiquette and understanding how to help oneself and one’s audience be at ease.
  • Finding the “fun” in practice.  Using practice time to best effect.
  • Finding the meaning in music — discover hidden treasures in the score, in yourself, and in your interpretation. 
  • Working with an accompanist – do’s and don’ts about preparing to collaborate, collaborating, and remunerating an accompanist.
  • Demystifying college auditions – a discussion panel of knowledgeable musician educators covering higher education programs, institutions, auditions, finance and the job market.
  • Setting the mental stage – understanding the thought/feeling connection in relation to the performance process, gaining insight into the nature of performance stress and anxiety, and how to restructure your energy into creative insight and artistic confidence.
  • Becoming familiar with the three performance process arenas: 1) exploration and play: bringing the unknown into the known; discovering potential, 2) practice: developing discovered potential and expanding the repertoire of choices, 3) performance: allowing what you can.
  • Preparing for NYSSMA, competitions.



4-step Critical Feedback Process

Half of every meeting is devoted to the 4-step critical feedback process:

Students sign up to “work in process” on a first-come, first served basis. The sign–up list carries over from meeting to meeting.  Students have 15 minutes in which to perform a selection of their choosing and then follow as much of the feedback process as they find useful (usually all of it):

  1. Student may ask if there are any affirmations. (There always are because peers and adults listen for affirmations so they can mutually support and affirm each other.)
  2. Student may ask the audience questions about the performance – ie, “I was trying to keep the fast passage very legato and smooth. Was I successful?” 
  3. Student may ask if anyone has any questions for the student. This is extremely useful to everyone, and there are many of these, which provide insight into the learning process, the challenges encountered, solutions, developmental time-frame of the work on the piece, etc.
  4. Student may ask if there are suggestions.


Fundraising Concert


JPA2Junior Pro Art members traditionally perform a fundraising concert.  The students set the date, develop the program, design and duplicate the printed program, welcome the audience, provide refreshments and take up a free will offering (perhaps subsidized by CMM) to make a donation to the organization that provides the meeting space. 






Saint Matthew’s Catholic Church in East Syracuse is located at the corner of Kinne and Yates.  We meet in the St. Matthew’s Community Room situated in the St. Matthew’s School, one block north of the church on Kinne with entrance from W. Heman St.  Meetings are 5-7PM one Sunday per month.  Dates and topics are listed at civicmorningmusicals.org.  Call the phone number, below, for confirmation and location details.



Rebecca Turner, Student leader (Junior Pro Art on Facebook)

Phil Eisenman, Facilitator (699-5856)

John Ferrara, Facilitator (455-5006 )

Gayle Ross, Facilitator (gayl.ross@gmail.com)

Rob Padilla, Accompanist (rkpadill@syr.edu)


Click here to see a list of all the meetings for 2016-17.




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