Concerto Competition Repertoire List

The required movements are indicated in parentheses.

Harp, Guitar and Percussion- Please submit repertoire for approval.

No alternate repertoire is permitted.




Griffes                                                      Poem                 


Mozart                                                      Concerto #1, K.313 (285c), in G Major (I)                  

                                                                  Concerto #2, K.314 (285d), in D Major (I)                 




Haydn                                                      Concerto, Hob.VIIg:4, in C Major (I) 


Marcello                                                   Concerto, in C Minor (entire)


Mozart                                                     Concerto, K.314 (285d), in C Major (I or III)




Mozart                                                      Concerto, K. 622, in A Major (I or II)




Mozart                                                      Concerto, K. 191 (186e), in B-flat Major (I or II & III)




Creston                                                      Concerto, op 26 (I)


Ibert                                                            Concertino da Camera (entire)




Mozart                                                      Concerto #4, K.495, in E-flat Major (I or III)


Strauss                                                     Concerto #1, TrV 117, op. 11, in E-flat Major (I or III)




Hummel                                                Concerto in E-flat Major (any 2 movements)


Telemann                                             Concerto in D Major, "di Milante" (entire)




Jacob                                                  Concerto


Milhaud                                              Concertino d'hiver, op. 327




Frackenpohl                                      Concertino


Kleinsinger                                        Tubby the Tuba                 




Creston                                              Concertino for Marimba (I)



Castelnuovo-Tedesco                    Concerto #1, op. 99, in D Major (entire)




Handel                                              Concerto, op. 4, no. 6, HWV 294, in B-flat Major (I)




Beethoven                                      Concerto #1, op. 15, in C Major (I or III)

                                                         Concerto #2, op. 19, in B-flat Major (I or III)

                                                         Concerto #3, op. 37, in C Minor (I or III) 

                                                         Concerto #4, op. 58, in G Major (I)


Haydn                                              Concerto, Hob.XVIII:11, in D Major (I or III)  


Mendelssohn                                   Concerto #1, op. 25, in G minor (I, II, or III)


Mozart                                              *Any Concerto (I or III)

                                                          *Limited to available: 9, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19-27, no 23


Saint-Saens                                     Concerto #2, op. 22, in G minor (I or III)


Schumann                                       Concerto, op. 54, in A Minor (I)




Beethoven                                     Romance #1, op. 40, in G Major                 

                                                        Romance #2, op. 50, in F Major


Dvorak                                            Romance, op. 11, in F Minor


Mendelssohn                                Concerto, op. 64, in E Minor (I or III)


Mozart                                           Concerto #3, K.216, in G Major (I)

                                                       Concerto #4, K.218, in D Major (I)

                                                       Concerto #5, K. 219, in A Major (I)


Saint-Saens                                  Introduction and Rondo capriccioso, op. 28

                                                       Havanaise, op. 83




Bruch                                             Romanze, op 85, in F Major


Handel                                           Concerto, in B Minor (I or III)


Hoffmeister                                  Concerto, in D Major (I)


Stamitz, C.                                    Concerto, op. 1, in D Major (I)




Boccherini                                   Concerto, G. 482, in B-flat Major (I or III) 


Haydn                                           Concerto, Hob.VIIb:1, in C Major (I or III)                 

                                                      Concerto, Hob.VIIb:2, in D Major (I or III)


Schumann                                   Concerto, op. 129, in A Minor (I)                 




Bottesini                                      Concerto #2, in B Minor (I)


Dragonetti                                   Concerto, in A Major (or G Major) (I)



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